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An Exciting Future Ahead...


As our very successful two-year Transforming Lives and Building Dreams capital campaign comes to a close, we would like to thank everyone for their generous support and prayers.  The fact that we raised over $4.17 million in the midst of an unprecedented pandemic is a testament to God’s incredible goodness and provision. With these proceeds, combined with church fundraising efforts and strategic financing, we have acquired the land next door and will soon begin remodeling two current church buildings to create the new  SRCS dining hall, performing arts space, new music studio, Spanish classroom, welcome center, and administrative offices.  We hosted our first event in June 2021, Kindergarten Graduation, in the beautiful East Chapel on the new property. 

Thank you to the SRCS Capital Campaign Committee members for giving of their time, talent, and treasure to support this effort!  We greatly appreciate the current parents, grandparents, alumni, parents of alumni, staff, and friends of the school listed below for supporting these exciting and necessary SRCS expansion plans!  A steering committee is at work currently to determine the best use of the new property and Phase II of SRCS expansion. We hope everyone in our school community will support Phase II of expansion in 2021-22. 


Renovation Update

Campaign Donors

Robert Abrahamsen and  Karen Plotkin
Stephan and Lana Adam
David and Kristen Adams
Cynthia Adams
Richard and Kelly Aldridge
Bruce and Carolyn Allen
James and Allison Anderson
Joyce Anderson
Catherine Angerome
Theodore and Lidia Anka
Lori Arce
Phillip and Denise Arena
Todd and Trisha Bachman
Fred and Caren Bahrenburg
Corinne and Allan Barth
Shari Basye
Delimon Beauchamp
Carlos and Militsa Benitez
Matthew and Sheila Benson
Peter and Kathy Blum
Jeff and Michelle Boccuzzi
Frederick and Vanessa Boltz
Laura Bonventre
David and Heather Boren
Joseph and Valerie Boshart
Allan and Lina Boshell
Paul and Lyn Boutin
Steve and Erica  Brendle
Chad and Deb Browder
Michael Brown
Christopher and Angelica Brown
Morgan and Jill  Brown
Gary and Aracelli Brown
James and Cheryl Burdin
Kyndal Burdin
Ashley Burdin
Anita Burns
Paul and Terri Burrage
Linda Butcher
Gillian and Joe Cabarrao
Stephen and Christeena Calkins
Gabriel and Claudia Camilo
Allison Carcaise
Vickie Carcaise
Steven and Isabel Carvajal
Bradley and Erica Cassin
Alex and Linda Castaneda
Amy Cecil
Giovanni Cesana
Bob and Patricia Chavez
Matthew Chavez
Rachel Chavez
Fred Chien
Joanne Cirisano
Darren and Tamara Cleveland
Casey and Kathryn Cleveland
Jose and Dawn Contreras
Daniel and Amber Cowan
Greg and Paula Cryan
Jacquelyn Cruz
Debbie and Jim Davis
Paul and Rebecca D'Emic
David and Sharon Demko
Jeannette Markus DeOrchis
Ingrid Deutsch
Carlos and Ashley Diaz
Paul and Jennifer DiLorenzo
Bruce and LuAnn DiSarle
John and Emina DiSilvestro
Linda Doran
Carl and Kathryn Doverspike
Eric and Erica Durow
Carl and Lisa Epple
Kirsten Ernst
Sandra and Sam Evans
Nicolas and Denise Fakhoury
Jenny Ferrin
Tjwana Ferrin
David and Karen Fine
Dottie Fishelberg
George and Andrea Fletcher
Andy and Melanie Francis
Kyle and Jacqueline French
Phillip and Connie Friedland
Krysty Friend
Paul and Deli Galinis
Ron and Audrey Garrett
Douglas and Shelley Geisler
Robert and Pamela Geissinger
Greg and Samantha Geissinger
Matthew and Ashley Gerrard
Andrei and Cristina Gherghina
Gregory and Fabricia Gottheimer
Kathleen Grace
Antonio and Michelle Grau
John and Jacqueline Greer
Robert Grimes
Dustin and Corinne Grizzle
Laura Grizzle
Clary Groenewold
Bill and Maureen Hagen
Charles and Elizabeth Hale
Troy and Ellen Harman
Nick and Kristy Hartofilis
Forrest and Chris Heathcott
Thomas and Alyssa Herrmann
Dale and Anna Hightower
Jane Hirz
John and Karina Hoffmann
Tom and Anne Marie Holly
Michael and Alexia Howard
Juan and Patricia Hoyos
Reed and Susan Hutchens
Joseph and Marianne Jones
Sue Jones
Frances LoBianco Katelman
Jonathan and Samantha Kaufman
Jason and Alanna Keating
Patrick and Kazumi Kennedy
Peter and Rachel Kim
Michael and Veronika Kontny
Nicholas and Tabitha Koutrakos
Robin Krasner
Marc and Michelle Kulczycky
Heather Kurstin
Stanley and Debra Latopolski
Bennett and Laura Lessmann
Ryan and Jennifer Linder
Kerry and Isabell Loomis
Ray and Rachel Lopez
Ryan and Anette Lyons-Evans
William and Jessie Marino
Matt and Lisa Markofsky
Adam and April Masterson
Britt and Joan Maxson
Kevin and Calie McKinnon
Scott and Crystal McMillin
Matthew and Kelley McNeil
Martin and Stephanie Merryman
Christopher Metropulos
Lucas and Ashley Metropulos
Evalana Metropulos
Nicholas Metropulos
Steve and Anita Miller
Thomas and Laura Millward
Paul and April Molle
Kenneth and Jean Mosca
Kevin and Heather Mosca
Mary Mowry
Michael and Carmelyn Murphy
Sue Muschany
Daniel and Deborah Myers
Dennis and Dana Nicewander
George and Nadine Nicolas
Candice and Frederick Nicoll
Edward O'Brien
James and Linda O'Grady
Andres Ortiz
Chris and Constance Palesty
Michael and Elena Panagis
Dominick and Jessica Paonessa
Paul and Vicki Papagni
Paul and Madeline Passarelli
Julio and Celeste Pavone
John and Camilla Pellitteri
Juan and Aimett Perez
Marina and Myron Peskar
Alexander and Danielle Petrone
Mark and Colleen Petschulat
Brian Pickle
Dana and Olivia Pickron
Nadine and Francisco Pileggi
Paula Pimenta
Pedro and Jennifer Pina
Michael and Elizabeth Pittman
David and Michele Popken
Peter and Desiree Porcaro
Patrick and Jennifer Prater
Don and Bianca Pucci
Joel and Megan Rask
Chad and Tatiana Raudenbush
Filomena Ribeiro
Anthony and Jessica Rinaldi
Todd and Susan Rizzi
Drew Rohnke
Christopher and Nina Root
Thomas and Denise Rossi
Jason Renkoff and Candice Rowe
Scott Royal and Mary Whitesides Royal
David and Stephanie Sadaka
Anna Marie Sanders
Bryan and Heather Sarver
Kristi Sauning
Zach and Margaret Schaffer
William Schott
Kay Schwartz
Stuart and Cheryl Seidel
Lisa Semelaigne
Marcello Serrato and Cely Munoz
Kathleen Sharp
Barbara and Leo Sharp
Charles and Marguerite Shaw
Ed and Sandy Sheehy
Jeffrey and Jennifer Sheldon
Joe and Terry Shields
Itay and Ashley Shimony
Richard and Sharon Sievers
Gino and Meybol Silvestri
Brian and Lisa Simmons
David and Jessica Skrabec
Michael and Mary Pat Smagala
Frederico and Karina Smiliansky
Kevin Smith
Donald and Melanie Smith
Albert and Vanessa Soto
Dalton and Rejane Souza
Joel and Grace Stango
Daniel and Hanna Stanton
Wesley and Laura Steen
Richard and Angela Steffer
Sam and Kirsten Stephenson
Gregg and Nancy Strandberg
William Thomas and Carol Strickler
Alexandr Stupnevich and Alona Larina
Alfredo and Brittany Suarez
Kevin and Laura Super
Eugene and Bonnie Suttin
Justin and Sharon Taylor
Mark Tietz
Omar and Roxanna Tirado
Ronald and Miriam Tobias
Joy Tokar
John and Alexa Tolland
Carlos and Stephanie Torano
Lawrence and Mirian Tormey
Peter and Krista Torres
Wade and Bethany Tripp
Bill and Gayle Turgeon
Judd and Kara Tyler
Barbara VandenBerg
Tom Vannah
Alan and Kathy Verduin
Andrew and Alexandra Vissichio
John and Anna Van Vladricken
Tye and Kelly Von Gunten
Patti Wells
Kendra White
Jonathan and Nicole Whitney
Brad and Haley Winstead
The Woods Family Foundation
Kathi Wyant
Keith and Kerri Wyse
Thomas and JoAnn Yi
Kevin and Dilyara Young
Martin Zarcadoolas
Jason and Colleen Zecca
Alexandros and Sandra Zervoudakis

The Gift of Education

The Gift of Education is a supplemental fund supported by the families and friends of Spanish River Christian School to enrich all students through scholarship, leadership development and mission opportunities.  Funds are allocated as shown.

The Gift of Education provides scholarships to qualified students who demonstrate a one-time or ongoing financial need and would not otherwise be able to be a part of our school community.

  • Scholarships enrich the cultural diversity of our student population.
  • Scholarships support students with special gifts.
  • Scholarships support the Christian heritage of Spanish River Christian School.
  • Scholarships support families in need.

The Gift of Education provides the students of Spanish River Christian School the opportunity to evangelize and serve others in their community and world.

  • Mission opportunities are enhanced by matching student-raised funds.
  • Mission experiences develop a servant’s spirit within our students through hands-on projects fulfilling the Great Commission.
  • Mission experiences develop individual spiritual boldness as well as teamwork.
  • Mission experiences help students spread the gospel of our Lord Jesus.

The Gift of Education provides for the development of student leadership at Spanish River Christian School.

  • Leadership is developed through student mentoring.
  • Leadership is developed through retreats and training opportunities.
  • Leadership development expands our students’ Christian influence in the world.
  • Leadership is developed by hands-on experiences.

Please prayerfully consider your part in giving to The Gift of Education that will provide for the growth of academic and leadership development of our students and expand their Christian influence in the world. 

Your gift will increase financial support to families in need and train our students in Christian leadership to make a difference in their homes, communities and throughout the world. 

Donations are tax-deductible and can be mailed or hand-delivered to:  

Spanish River Christian School
The Gift of Education Fund
2400 Yamato Road
Boca Raton, FL 33431