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An Exciting Future Ahead...


We are pleased to announce that Spanish River Christian School is poised to embark on a new stage of development and expansion through our Transforming Lives and Building Dreams capital campaign.   Amid successfully securing approval from City of Boca Raton for our new school building, the Lord presented us with an amazing alternative for school campus expansion.  In His perfect timing, Spanish River Church and School was provided with the chance to purchase five acres of land adjacent to our campus to the east previously occupied by First Baptist Church of Boca Raton.  The SRCS School Board, Capital Campaign Committee, and school leaders were made aware of this new opportunity, and all could see God at work on behalf of SRCS.   After many discussions and a lot of prayer, the Lord made His will clear and has provided a way for us to purchase the property.  

The SRC Counseling Center and Youth Ministry will be moving to existing buildings on the new property, which will allow our school to renovate the Counseling Center (Building D) and Youth Ministry (Building   G) this summer for school use.  Building D will become the home of our new SRCS Welcome Center and Administrative Offices on the north side of campus, and the current SRC Youth Ministry building, which includes a two-story section, will become our new indoor cafeteria on one end and will provide additional classrooms and meeting space on the other.  The new indoor cafeteria building should be ready for use by the start of the 2021-22 school year, and the new administrative offices should be ready sometime in the fall, allowing us to avoid a full year of construction on our campus.

The Gift of Education

The Gift of Education is a supplemental fund supported by the families and friends of Spanish River Christian School to enrich all students through scholarship, leadership development and mission opportunities.  Funds are allocated as shown.

The Gift of Education provides scholarships to qualified students who demonstrate a one-time or ongoing financial need and would not otherwise be able to be a part of our school community.

  • Scholarships enrich the cultural diversity of our student population.
  • Scholarships support students with special gifts.
  • Scholarships support the Christian heritage of Spanish River Christian School.
  • Scholarships support families in need.

The Gift of Education provides the students of Spanish River Christian School the opportunity to evangelize and serve others in their community and world.

  • Mission opportunities are enhanced by matching student-raised funds.
  • Mission experiences develop a servant’s spirit within our students through hands-on projects fulfilling the Great Commission.
  • Mission experiences develop individual spiritual boldness as well as teamwork.
  • Mission experiences help students spread the gospel of our Lord Jesus.

The Gift of Education provides for the development of student leadership at Spanish River Christian School.

  • Leadership is developed through student mentoring.
  • Leadership is developed through retreats and training opportunities.
  • Leadership development expands our students’ Christian influence in the world.
  • Leadership is developed by hands-on experiences.

Please prayerfully consider your part in giving to The Gift of Education that will provide for the growth of academic and leadership development of our students and expand their Christian influence in the world. 

Your gift will increase financial support to families in need and train our students in Christian leadership to make a difference in their homes, communities and throughout the world. 

Donations are tax-deductible and can be mailed or hand-delivered to:  

Spanish River Christian School
The Gift of Education Fund
2400 Yamato Road
Boca Raton, FL 33431


The Roaring Twenties

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