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Early Childhood Art

Our Art program begins in Preschool 4's class. Early Childhood art is very experimental. For many of these children, fine motor skills are still developing, along with attention spans. This may be the first year that they are exposed to the many different kinds of art medium. In the process of introducing these mediums, different principles and elements of design are presented. For this age group, art is purely a time of exploring and experimenting. All projects for all age groups are designed to stimulate individual creativity in each child in a fun and exciting learning environment.

Audrey Smith KB


Carson Linder KB


Aliyah Gannon PKB


Georgios Androutsapoulos PKA


Will Sedlacek PKA


Elementary Art

In Elementary Art we focus on basic principles and elements of art: line, form, shape, texture, design, balance, and many more. We expose the children to areas such as: art history, printmaking, sculpture, drawing, etc. We share a Christ centered Worldview of what art is to the students. Students have art once a week throughout elementary school. In fifth grade there is an option to increase to twice a week.


Mark Stango 5th


Milo Riccioli 4B


Madison Marillo 1B


Parker Bogue 3A


Matthew Chiapetta 2A


Rowan Linder 4A


Eighth Grade Art

Eigth grade students have the opportunity to take art as an enrichment class for one or more marking periods. Classes meet daily for 45 minutes. Middle school class projects are given to show individuality on different levels of ability. All art projects incorporate the principles and elements of design, line, shape, form, texture, color, balance, and unity.