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2020 Virtual Fine Arts Chapel - Concert and Beginning Band

Performing Arts

SRCS offers a variety of music instruction and performance opportunities for students. These include: music classes, instrumental music, vocal music, praise band, Christmas musical, talent expo, and visual arts.

Music Classes

5th Grade Band

Band classes begin in 5th grade. Students enrolled in 5th Grade Band meet for sectionals once a week, learning the fundamentals of their given instrument.  Band rehearsals are held twice a week, where students develop the skills to play together as a large group and prepare for concerts.  The 5th grade band performs at the Fine Arts Chapel in the spring.   It is a celebration of what they have learned and an opportunity for them to share the joy of music. 

Middle School Band

Middle School students can participate in the Concert Band.  This group build on the fundamentals learned in 5th Grade Band, developing and refining each student's gifts and talents.  They perform several times a year in a variety of settings.


Vocal Music

Chapel Choir

Elementary students in grades two through four can choose to participate in the Chapel Choir.  The Chapel Choir rehearses once a week during the students' recess time.  Students perform at various elementary chapels, concerts, and school events.


Chorus is offered to students in 5th grade and middle school.  This group rehearses twice a week and focuses on developing and refining each student's gift and talents.  Students learn about vocal production, pitch, rhythm, dynamics, sight-reading, and more.   The Chorus performs several times a year in a variety of settings. 

Vocal Ensemble

The Vocal Ensemble is for experienced singers who love to sing in a small group.   This group meets once a week, learning and performing a wide variety of music and music styles.  Members occassionally assist in leading worship in our combined chapels.

Praise Band

Middle school students can join the Middle School Praise Band, a small group of musicians that focuses on leading praise and worship.   This group leads many of our middle school chapels and all-school special events. 

Christmas Musical

The Christmas Musical is performed in December as a way to kick-off the Christmas season and celebrate the birth of Jesus.   This production features the Grand Chorus which consists of all 2nd through 4th grade students, as well as a cast comprised of 3rd through 8th grade students.

"We Three Spies" - Christmas 2020