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We leverage new technology with exceptional results

At SRCS we strive to educate our students with the most up-to-date technology and teaching strategies, for as John Dewey once said, 'If we teach today as we taught yesterday, we rob our children of tomorrow.'  We want every SRCS student to be equipped with 21st century technology skills and discernment necessary to navigate the web and to use computers and mobile devices ethically and responsibly.  

We are blessed to have visionary leaders, exceptional teachers, an outstanding computer curriculum, and the generosity and support of  our parents to help us reach that goal.  We currently have a campus-wide wireless network, two computer labs (PC and Mac), iPads and Chromebooks in the classrooms and media center, a One to One Chromebook Program that starts in 6th Grade,  a web-based school administration system, interactive projectors in our preschool and lower elementary classrooms, interactive projectors in third through fifth grade classrooms as well as in the music room, and much more.

3D Printing, Programming Robots and Drones

  • In 6th Grade Computer Class, students are building and programming Lego Robots. 
  • 8th graders are programming and flying drones in Computer Class.  
  • 5th, 7th, and 8th graders are using CAD software to build and print 3D objects on one of our two 3D printers.  
  • 2nd - 8th Graders are learning to code using Tynker Coding in computer class.

One-to-One Chromebook Program in Middle School

By going one-to-one we are better able to equip our students with valuable 21st century skills


Our students study social, political, economic, cultural, and environmental topics to better understand the world in which they live and their place in it.


It is important for our students to do more than just think — we want them to analyze and assess. Critical thinking requires students to define the subject matter clearly, to understand the concept, and to confirm its accuracy and logic.


The greatest message in the world is useless without the means to communicate it.  As our students progress in their academic learning, we focus on effective written and  verbal communication.


Incredible things can be accomplished when we work together. We teach our students how to share knowledge, cooperate with one another and work toward common goals.


Knowledge is about discovery and exploration. We instill a sense of resilience when attempting new ideas. We provide both the freedom and supportive structure for creativity to flourish

Award- Winning Robotics Team

Science is fun. That’s what the students in SRCS’s Robotics Teams will tell you. Students learn about robot assembly, computer programming, and engineering in a team environment. Our top-ranked competitive middle school robotics team has even received a provisional patent for Launcher, a cloud-based interface and database app that connects curricula and other educational materials such as textbooks, questions and online resources to popular entertainment video games.

SRCS has an award-winning Competitive Robotics team in middle school called Mission 3:16. The team has placed at Regional Competitions and has gone onto State Competitions.  Mission 3:16 has won many awards over its 10 year history including the Programming and  Champions Awards at the 2015 Regional Awards, Robot Design and Robot Champion Awards at Regionals 2014, and  Robot Design Award in 2011 at the State Competition. Congratulations to Mission 3:16 that was granted a provisional patent that was up for a Global Innovation Award.

Classroom Technology

Every classroom is equipped with an Intelligent Classroom (IC) system, consisting of a networked PC, iPad, ceiling or wall mounted interactive projector and speakers, DVD player, large projection screen, document camera, and printer.   Our kindergarten classrooms each have a set of iPads used for center times and iPad charging lockers.  Each preschool through second grade classroom has an IC system and a multi-touch interactive projector system.  The preschool classes have iPad centers  for curriculum-related activities. First grade, second, and third grade classrooms have a set of Chromebooks and charging cart for use at center times.  We have upgraded our three mobile computer carts to include two sets of thirty-two Chromebooks and a set of thirty iPads for student use in the classroom.

The media center is equipped with several PC's, printers, IC system, eight  touchscreen Chromebooks, and two iPads.  Students can take Accelerated Reader tests, conduct Internet research, and access our Follett Destiny web-based card catalog.

Computer Classes

Students attend computer classes in one of our computer labs. The Elementary Computer Lab contains eighteen PCs, one laser printer, DVD Player, and an IC system.  The Middle School Computer Lab houses  PCs, MACs, 2 Robotic Tables, two 3D printers, one laser printer, DVD Player, and an IC system.    Our middle school Video Productions team creates fun and informative weekly video announcements that the entire school watches on Friday mornings.  The team uses green screen technology to create the weekly videos.


We use Microsoft Office, Google Apps for Education, Tynker Coding,  NearPod, Kahoot, KidPix 3D, Read, Write & Type, Movie Maker, iMovie, QwertyTown Typing, Accelerated Reader, Star Reading, BrainPop, Reading Wonders, Reading Eggs, eLibrary, NetSmartz Kidz, Common Sense Media, and many more software applications in the classrooms, in computer classes, and in the media center.  

SRCS parents and students can visit our RenWeb Parent Portal to view homework assignments, real-time grade reports, class pictures, and to take online surveys and quizzes.


“Were the Jetsons looking for just the right private school for their children, they would likely choose Spanish River Christian School. Make no mistake - while its technology may be out-of-this-world, SRCS’s mission remains grounded in spirituality.”
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