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Foreign Language

Not only is it important academically for students to learn a foreign language, but our Lord has commanded us to spread the Gospel to every nation. Knowing how to reach those who have never heard the Good News through their native tongue provides a bridge not only to their minds but to their hearts and spirits as well.  

Preschool- Fifth Grade

The overall objective of the Elementary Spanish Program is to introduce English - speaking students to a variety of language experiences that will make Spanish relevant to their immediate world. This language development program is designed to promote basic listening, speaking and writing skills. Students participate in 30-minute sessions each week. 

Students in the lower grades learn basic vocabulary and expressions and begin to respond to simple questions, statements and commands. In the upper grades students begin writing sentences and utilizing the conventions of spelling, capitalization and punctuation of the Spanish language.  

Activities, songs and games include various approaches toward learning the vocabulary presented in each lesson.

Middle School Spanish

Sixth and seventh grade students have the opportunity to continue learning Spanish in the Spanish Club elective. Students also learn about the culture, customs, and food of Spanish speaking countries.    

In eighth grade we offer Academic Spanish, a high school Spanish I course. Students who elect to take this class meet five days per week for the entire year. Students learn about Spanish and Latin American traditions like food, dance, art, hollidays  and history  thru every lesson.