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Campus security is a top priority at SRCS.  All of the members of the school’s full-time security team have previous military, law enforcement, and S.W.A.T training and experience. The Head of SRCS Security, a retired Boca Raton Law Enforcement Officer, has a close relationship with the Boca Raton Police Department. He is routinely in touch with its staff, officers and civilian employees and is updated regularly if there are any concerns that could affect SRCS. Boca Raton Law Enforcement also vigilantly patrols the campus and the surrounding community.

In addition to an experienced security team, SRCS has an advanced door-locking system, an online visitor management system, and other security measures in place to ensure a safe learning environment.  In 2019 the school completed Guardian Defense’s six-month Full-Scale Active Threat Response Program.  Administrators, faculty, and staff have all received specialized A.C.T. (Assess, Challenge, and Train) School Program training, which includes active threat simulation training.  Safety drills are practiced regularly to familiarize students with emergency procedures.  The school uses a special alert system (text and voice message) to notify parents in the event of an emergency situation.  

SRCS Head of Security and Headmaster accept certificate and commendation from Guardian Defense
for the school's completion of the Full-Scale Active Threat Response Program in 2019.