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Our students are our passion. We are honored to invest in your children and are committed to helping them learn and flourish.

Our teachers are dedicated not just to sharing knowledge, but to inspiring a desire to learn within each student. Teachers are certified or eligible for professional certification, and over a third of our teachers have advanced degrees. Preschool staff are trained and experienced in child care, having completed the Florida Department of Health Child Development Training Certification Program. Many of our staff have committed the majority of their careers to the children at SRCS, and each year we see the fruit of that dedication in the success of our students.

Administrative Team

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    Cheryl Burdin

  • Profile Photo

    Jason Zecca

    Elementary Principal
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    Markus Spotts

    Middle School Principal
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    Kathi Wyant

    Office Administrator
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    Tawnya Whitehead

    Technology Director
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    Jason Riley O'Neal

    Athletic Director
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    Jennifer Ferrin

    Preschool Director/ Pre3 Teacher
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    Erik Petrovich

    Director of Student Ministries

Faculty Directory

  Name Title
Cynthia Adams Adams, Cynthia Kindergarten Teacher
Kelly Aldridge Aldridge, Kelly Events Coordinator
Kortnei Barker Barker, Kortnei PE Assistant
Nicholas Barker Barker, Nicholas Teacher
Toni Beatty Beatty, Toni 4th Grade Teacher
Jennifer Bonitatibus Bonitatibus, Jennifer Assistant
Laura Bonventre Bonventre, Laura Assistant
Lynellen Boutin Boutin, Lynellen Admin Assistant
Rosalie Bruno Bruno, Rosalie Middle School Teacher
Cheryl Burdin Burdin, Cheryl Headmaster
Terri Burrage Burrage, Terri Librarian
Renee Caruso Caruso, Renee After School Care
Amy Cecil Cecil, Amy Administrative Assistant
Patricia Chavez Chavez, Patricia Administrative Assistant
Joanne Cirisano Cirisano, Joanne Middle School Teacher
Rebecca Cole Cole, Rebecca Assistant
Kristen Conway Conway, Kristen Assistant Teacher
Ruth Corzo Corzo, Ruth Assistant
Jill Dagistino Dagistino, Jill Assistant
Carol Derian Derian, Carol After School Care
Francine DeSouza DeSouza, Francine Day Porter
LuAnn DiSarle DiSarle, LuAnn Nurse
Linda Doran Doran, Linda Music Teacher
Laurie Durham Durham, Laurie Assistant
Valerie Edris Edris, Valerie Teacher
Jennifer Ferrin Ferrin, Jennifer Preschool Director/Pre3 Teacher
Tjwana Ferrin Ferrin, Tjwana 5th Grade Teacher
Sarah Findley Findley, Sarah Assistant
Wilma Flevaris Flevaris, Wilma Spanish Teacher
Laura Geisler Geisler, Laura 1st Grade Teacher
Shelley Geisler Geisler, Shelley Middle School Teacher
Laura Grizzle Grizzle, Laura Middle School Teacher
Clary Groenewold Groenewold, Clary P.E. Teacher
Tara Hrzich Hrzich, Tara Middle School Teacher
Danielle Iovino Iovino, Danielle Assistant
Renee Irwin Irwin, Renee Assistant
Ann Kalt Kalt, Ann Assistant
Anna Kucia Kucia, Anna Student Teacher
Susan Manley Manley, Susan Assistant
Jennifer Mattetti Mattetti, Jennifer Administrative Assistant
Kathleen McGrath McGrath, Kathleen Teacher Assistant
April Molle Molle, April PreK Teacher
Paige Morse Morse, Paige Middle School Teacher
Lisa Mott Mott, Lisa Assistant
Amy Norris Norris, Amy Assistant
Alicia O'Connell O'Connell, Alicia Nurse
Jason Riley O'Neal O'Neal, Jason Riley Athletic Director
Sandra Ortiz Ortiz, Sandra Teacher Assistant
Cristina Parodi Parodi, Cristina Teacher
Rebekah Payne Payne, Rebekah Teacher
Melissa Persad Persad, Melissa Assistant
Erik Petrovich Petrovich, Erik Dir. Student Ministries
Dana Pickron Pickron, Dana Assistant
Dawna Piekos Piekos, Dawna Assistant
Michele Popken Popken, Michele Administrative Assistant
Olivia Read Read, Olivia 4th Grade Teacher
Filomena Ribeiro Ribeiro, Filomena Assistant
Denise Rossi Rossi, Denise Art Teacher
Sally Ryser Ryser, Sally Receptionist
Alonso Salomon Salomon, Alonso Security
David Skrabec Skrabec, David Security Officer
Mary Pat Smagala Smagala, Mary Pat Admissions
Vanessa Soto Soto, Vanessa Office Staff
Markus Spotts Spotts, Markus Middle School Principal
Naomi Spotts Spotts, Naomi Communications
Cynthia Stenroos Stenroos, Cynthia Office Assistant
Janet Swann Swann, Janet Assistant
Fania Sweeney Sweeney, Fania Assistant
Mirian Tormey Tormey, Mirian Assistant
Barbara VandenBerg VandenBerg, Barbara Kindergarten Teacher
Jessenia Vazquez Vazquez, Jessenia 2nd Grade Teacher
Kelly Von Gunten Von Gunten, Kelly Testing Coordinator
Jennifer Walck Walck, Jennifer 2nd Grade Teacher
Patricia Wells Wells, Patricia 3rd Grade Teacher
Kendra White White, Kendra PreK Teacher
Tawnya Whitehead Whitehead, Tawnya Technology Director
Kathi Wyant Wyant, Kathi Office Administrator
Colleen Zecca Zecca, Colleen Teacher
Jason Zecca Zecca, Jason Elementary Principal
Sharon Zylstra Zylstra, Sharon Computer Teacher

2018-2019 School Board Members

Laura Barr
Kathy Blum 
Steve Brendle, Jr. 
Aimee Brueck 
Patrick Prater
Christopher Root 
Michael Smagala